White's 1846 Directory of Leicestershire Download

White's 1846 Directory of Leicestershire Download

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White's Directories were a series of directory publications issued by William White of Sheffield, England, beginning in the 1820s. White began his career in publishing by working for Edward Baines. Much like Mannix, White's directories provide a comprehensive history of the area along with lists of the Nobility, Clergy and Gentry. The directories also include separate historical, statistical and topographical descriptions of all the boroughs, towns, parishes etc.

 This Directory covers the county of Leicestershire in 1846.

The books were scanned using an OpticBook scanner and the images saved in PDF format that can be viewed using Adobe Reader, which is widely available as a free to download software item. We make no apologies for any missing or torn pages, scribbles, crossed out words, or margin notes etc, we can only scan the content of the books we purchase, (some are over 200 years old), however the majority of our directories are free from any such faults. Please note that files produced by Steve Garton Genealogy are not searchable as searches of PDF documents generated using OCR software are generally never more than 98% accurate.

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